“Many voices, many ideas coming together as one to build strong communities. At Ce-Cg we value each idea to strengthen and shape the process of social change; think community wellness, think workforce development and continuing education; empowering one community at a time.  "

What We Do

It is our mission to bring positive change to communities, improving the lives of each individual, and hopefully create positive social change that improves the lives of each member of the community. We offer workshops, trainings, and public health seminars to communities, groups, academic institutions, and social organizations.

​We strive to create programs, workshops, and projects with the single aim of improving the lives of members of the community and the group as a whole. It is our mission to foster positive social change, address the specific cultural needs of members, and support community efforts that bring about progress and solutions for the betterment of every individual involved.
What We Offer
At Community Engagement & Consultation Group, we take care to provide our clients high quality services personalized for their unique needs. We offer community assessment and needs assessment, business development and sustainability strategies, effective outreach strategies, speaking engagements for corporate and organization in-services, teamwork strategies. Mentorship (youth/adults).

Consultations in the following

  • Professional / Career Assessment & Development
  • Transitional Career Advising & Transferable Skills
  • Financial Wellness and Budgeting Workshops
  • Grant/Proposal Writing
  • Employability Skills Training
  • Award Winning Resume Writing
  • Nonprofit Engagement Group (NPEG)
  • Pan-African Professional Networking (How to Engage Effectively)
  • Project Management 
  • Effective Community Leadership Workshops
  • ​Case Management & Referrals 
  • Women II Women Empowerment & Mentorship

Public Health

  • Mental Health First aid Training
    - Adult/Youth modules
    - Prenatal Mood Disorders
    - Mental Health for the Workplace
    - Mental Health with a Multicultural Consideration & awareness

  • Program design / Planning / Implementation / Evaluation / Monitoring
  • Data Collection and Analytics
  • Trauma Informed Care & awareness
  • Support Groups focus (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)
  • Health/Wellness Forums
  • Kidney Health Education
  • Chronic Disease Management Education
  • Metabolic Syndrome-Beyond Basic Education (risk factors)
  • Population and Global Health Initiatives

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Communities thrive when they work together to achieve the same goal.
With mutual respect, the desire to improve, and desire to make positive changes, we can help
improve the lives of people one day at a time.